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Main ultraloader design and construction

12000 kg capacity body
This body capacity will depend on chassis type and overall gvw
Body is generally built on chassis from 18 tonnes upwards
Hydraulically driven rack and demount system

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Body will be designed and constructed to suit to specific chassis wheel-base
Overall width of body can be constructed up to 2550mm
Beacon arch and front nudge bar ( or headboard )
This is mounted to front of body and enables installation of beacons, work lamps, stop/ tail/ indicator lights
Styled beacon flyer with radius corners( or headboard )
Mounting brackets for stop/tail/indicators
1 pair of work lamps
60” 4 rotator beacon light bar
All steel body
With fully welded steel treadplate flooring
Twin tilt body rams
Double acting hydraulic cylinders with 70mm bores
Stainless steel tool locker
1 x 48" x 20" x 20" locker fitted near side of chassis (where possible)
Fitted with lockable stainless steel handle
Body side capping
Stainless steel capping fitted to protect body paintwork and is finished with an anti-slip safety tape
Vehicle securing
12 deck mounted lashing tie down rings with full tongues
Set of 4 deluxe transporter tie down straps with soft restraining loops
90” winch bobbins
X6 bobbin sockets
Enables side winching for the recovery and loading of badly damaged vehicles
Spectacle lift  
3000 kg capacity ( if required )
Gold zinc coated spectacle lift head
Fitted with flip over head for easy stowage when not in use
Spec beam is powered in and out with a manual safety lock and hydraulic check valve
Twin double acting hydraulic cylinders with 70mm bores and stainless steel rods
1 pair of spectacle lift tie down ratchet straps
1 pair of wheel space reducing bars are fitted to enable the transport of vehicles with small diameter wheels
50mm tow ball
Vision alert 60” light bar
With 4 rotators
Illuminated centre
1 pair of flyer mounted work lamps and1 pair of flyer mounted stop/tail/indicator lamps
Radio remote winch control
Tow ball & 7 pin plug
24/12v dropper fitted to 7 pin plug
Hydraulic system
Power take off hydraulic pump
Vehicle gearbox will be fitted with a hydraulic pump
Cab mounted pto air switch with handbrake interlock or cable operated on certain vehicles
Chassis mounted hydraulic tank with in-built cartridge filter
5 bank spool valve set up
Winch control with electro/air hydraulic control
Slide body on/off
Tip body up/down (inc. Auto tilt)
Spectacle lift up/down
Spec beam in/out manual safety lock
Fully enclosed stainless steel spool valve cover
14000lb hydraulic winch
Fully compliant to new en 14492-1 regulations
With radio remote and manual override lever
Single stage planetary gearing, ideally suited to slidebed and spec lift applications
Short drum and long drum options -165mm or 248mm length
120mm diameter drum with deep flanges. Extends rope life and assists wrapping
Heavy duty roller guide assembly with greaseways and large diameter rollers 
Spring loaded clutch- easy to use
Braking system spring applied, hydraulic release disc brake providing 100% braking
Primed and painted in 2 pack
Under body wax-oiled

Please Call For More Details: 01759 372 515

  Please Call For More Details: 01759 372 515

  Please Call For More Details: 01759 372 515